Work In Wood

Furniture Commissions

Work in wood can be commissioned. Carvings, boat models, door panels, architectural details for the home. Contact agent Sheri Bedford…

Furniture & Pergola Roof
Patio Bench (First 4 images) & Wooden Kitchen Counter
Next 5 pics: Twin Bed Surround so bed can be used as a couch

Buckley Smith’s Original Gloucester Rocker.
(click on the images to see a larger view)
An heirloom toy. Indestructible and safe. Hours of fun for 1 to 3 year-olds. Plans & kits available at, at the Wooden Boat Store & in the Wooden Boat catalog.

Measure 24″ tall and about 24″ wide. Acrylic or oil on wood.
Available from the artist on request to your specifications….priced $400-$600…
Contact agent Sheri Bedford…

Relief Carvings

These are carved on request. Price negotiated depending on size.
Friend Beneath 2ft x 3ft/Moonsailors 3ft x 4ft/Apprentice Shop Rockland 6ft x 6ft

Sea Chests

Sea chests are made in the traditional manner. Your boat portrait or any scene will become the art work for the top of the chest.

Made to order. $5000
Request 1 year in advance. Send questions & requests to Sheri Bedford

Sea Chest External measurements 17″ wide, 36″ long, 15″ high. Handmade leather beckets(handles) $300 extra. Standard handles are of wood.

Sea Chest Tops
Here Buck paints the Mermaid top. You can see its progress. First no shell border then gradually it’s added. These are Buckley Smith’s oil paintings as the tops of the previously ordered sea chests.

This piece sold at auction by Atlantic Challenge, Rockland, Maine for $6500 but it’s available by commission for $4500.00.

Buckley Smith designed this flying boat mobile from a lobster pot buoy and bent oak sticks, gauze. It measures 72″ x 60″ x 54″.

Buckley has always loved the soaring nature of sails. In “Da Vinci Downeast” he invites us to fly with him in a vessel aloft, sailing in a Da Vinci-style flying machine to the heavenly places of our imagination.

He uses found materials for this creation. With it he makes the familiar a little mysterious, hope-filled and exciting.

Work by commission $4500 — Needs a tall ceiling for display — 12 ft height. Perfect for commercial building lobbies: hotels, office buildings, airports, banks, etc.

Buck made this lateen rig sloop mobile to fly from a bedroom ceiling. The hull is of wire. Sails of painted paper. 30″ tall. 18″ long

Every year in a small hilltop village in Umbria, Italy, there’s an artistic egg contest. Winners receive cash prizes and their eggs become a permanent display in the Ovo Pinto egg museum ( In 2012 this was Buckley Smith’s entry, Gioia(Joy) expressing the unfettered delight in soaring to our best expression. Enjoy the flight!